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~ Donte Collins


Russh Magazine June/July 2014 Issue Stars Freja Beha Erichsen

I’ve spent so long trying to be the girl you’ll miss. I dress nice, put on my red lipstick and uncomfortable heels and walk out into what I called your world to see if I could make you feel remorse. I wanted you to hurt. I became so self-aware that I got smaller and smaller both mentally and physically and that alone was my first mistake. I am not some sappy love poem written on a napkin you can fold up and put in your pocket until you find yourself lonely on a rainy day. I am the sun. The moon. And all the stars and you cannot have me. And I don’t need you. When you first told me I never mattered to you, I took it hard. But now I realize how wrong you are to think I don’t matter. I provide life. I provide hope. I even provided for you and the only thing you’ve shown is that all you are is ungrateful. You can’t lasso the stars and bring them back to you. My lips are the galaxies edge and you turned away from the Milky Way. I am a universe all on my own and you’ll never get me back. by I Don’t Want You Back - Ellie Muetzel (via elliebelliesblog)
9 to 5 blues


I think of the freedom
I once felt
securely in
I think of how if
my soles 
were now coated with 
that there would be 
a thick trail
leading to 
and from the
same handful of
the past handful
of years

maybe now my
mind is plastic
it cannot
use soil or

maybe I have traded in
and traded in
and traded in
and bargained
and I am now prosthetic


under the

I’m down here again
I don’t think I can do this
Please send me to sleep
I need a break from my brain. by M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)
Shells Filled With Pride


Fish know more
About death than

Ask the fish
Why it dies
So quickly
And it will say
That your love
Wasn’t enough.
Your pride,
Your “fish tank,”
Killed me before
My heart found
The water.


i can’t keep letting you look at us like we’re a terminal
before we’ve even gotten on the train.
we are not ending here.
you are so warm for somebody who thinks they have
fingers made of ice cubes. you are so brave for somebody
who thinks that keeping quiet is the best thing to do.
you told me on a wednesday afternoon if i had to do a
degree in love, i’d graduate at 85.
but i’d still want you at 120.
when i look at you, i see love unwrapped clumsily.
i’ve never wanted to hold hands with anybody on account of germs,
but i wouldn’t mind catching a few viruses off of you.
hold my hand. you are not an ice cube.
i know this because i have been inside of you and it is always autumn in there by Salma.D - “I Want To Live In Your Season” (via writingwillows)


It has been six months 
but I think she still sees him
her heart still beats so fast it 
shakes the walls of a house 
built on goodbyes that were never said

Caught in a lie so deep she laid the foundations
of a life spent running atop it
She was dying but she thought she was made of diamonds

Girls on fire have newspaper skin
and she was extraordinary
if only for a moment

When you see someone aching so much that it resonates its way through the air through your skin through your ribs and straight into your chest, bleed quietly for them. You do not need to cry - your pain doesn’t matter at this moment in time. You do not need to say anything it all: what you have to say is not important, and you need to learn to speak when you’re asked to. Be careful with your words, because they are thunder.

If something has happened, if someone is dead or dying, you will find out if they want you to know. Incessant questions pepper their skin like thistles and they despise it and they loathe you for it even though they know you’re only doing it because you care.

Say, ‘I’m sorry.’ Sometimes an apology is all you are worth, and it’s not enough, but it’s an acknowledgement that it’s all you can do and that you are doing all you can - and how can you be enough? You were never enough! Step back, and recognise that this is about something outside of you. It is not your fault, it is not your job, and it is not your responsibility - it is your choice, and it is your decision not to place your autonomy before someone else’s wellbeing.

Master the art of being a distraction - not a diversion, you do not have to paint your face and wear a silly costume today, you just have to ask if dinner and a movie is a good idea, what flavour of ice cream to bring over, what safe thrills should we pursue next in the comfort of your living room?

Hang your heavy head on the coat hook behind the door and tread lightly. Be selfless - be your own shadow. This is not about you. It was never about you.

by how to be a safe space ishani jasmin (via ishanijasmin)